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Melanie Helmy

Owner & Director

Melanie started her working life as a scientist due to her inquiring mind. However it wasn't long until she found the even more fascinating world of market research. 

Melanie has an extensive background in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies with a particular focus in innovation and branding. Regarded as a thought leader in the space of innovation, New Product Development and Branding, Melanie has presented thought pieces at a number of large conferences in Australia and has written a number of white papers, including most recently a paper titled "Functional Foods & the Consumer".


Melanie has worked at Procter and Gamble in London and New York, Remington in London and Mars Wrigley across Western Europe which gives her an insiders perspective on how some of the world's best FMCG companies operate and become so successful. It's not just FMCG, Melanie also worked for global pharmaceutical giant Hospira where she was able to combine market research and her background in science within the field of oncology to bring about improvements to patient treatment.


In more recent years, Melanie returned to Australia where she jumped the fence and started working supplier side, firstly at Colmar Brunton and most recently at GfK. These positions allowed Melanie to gain a broader perspective across multiple categories and businesses of all sizes as well as a broad range of research objectives. 


Melanie has worked on projects big and small using a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies but if you had to ask her what she enjoys doing most, the answer would most definitely be "research"! 


pod research and strategy is the newest chapter in the story...

Michelle Gilmore

Project Manager

Michelle is the most recent addition to the team as an experienced project manager.

Having started out her career as a scientist, her enquiring and analytical mind lead her to the exciting world of product development where her passion for innovation and consumer research naturally grew.

She has been instrumental in the research of a large number of new products, especially in the healthcare and over the counter (OTC) medicine space where her background in science has provided her the analytical rigour and understanding of the importance of process that a career in market research requires. Having explored options outside of the industry for a few years, Michelle has learnt invaluable cross category skills as well as gaining an insightful understanding of people's behaviours and motivations.

With an energetic and infectious personality and a solid background in data analysis and project management, Michelle has all of the necessary skills to ensure projects run without any issues. 


I have been lucky enough to travel to and do research in some pretty amazing places around the world. Here's my very own colour by numbers style map of the world (so far...)

Professional memberships

We hold a number of professional memberships across the research, marketing, innovation and sensory industries.


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