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“What is unique about humans is their individuality."

Leroy Hood

By our very nature we are as different from one person to the next but often find comfort in that we are 'normal' because we find similarities with others. 

A vast array of opportunities to explore the depths of knowledge.

We have said that no two focus groups are the same, well the same is true of what is humbly known as 'depth interviews'. Once again the topic of discussion, the location, even the person are all factors that can make each depth interview remarkably different. It is simply a different methodology to uncover much richer and detailed, individual perspectives about a vast array of topics. 

The reasons to choose depth interviews as a methodology can be as different as accessability concerns, the discussion of a personal topic or even the need to understand a particular environment and how a person acts within that environment (commonly referred to as 'Ethnography'. Whatever the reason, depth interviews are a microscopic interrogation of the attitudes, motivations and behaviours of an individual. 

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