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“Most of the successful people I've known are the ones who do more listening than talking."

Bernard M. Baruch

The saying goes 'If it looks like a dog and it barks like a dog, it is probably a dog' comes to mind when people ask if we 'do focus groups'. Put simply, focus groups are a collective term for a research methodology that is both common and remarkably unique, all at once. 

Not all focus groups are created equal!

Like a tulip or a rose are both flowers by their very nature, the differences between the two are striking. Think of focus groups in the same light as you would flowers. Whilst they may all fall under one generic heading of 'focus groups' the differences between what one focus group is compared to another almost knows no bounds. 

Everything from the topic of conversation, location, duration, target audience and research techniques utilised are going to change between groups, the most critical part of all (and the part that is all too often over-looked) is the quality and experience of the moderator. 

Great research, and as such, great focus groups, must go beyond simply what was said in a focus group for you really to be getting the most out of the methodology. The hard work and important part of focus groups can't be seen from behind the one way mirror, it is in the design and analysis of the focus group.

Rapid Fire Groups

Rapid Fire Groups are designed to provide fast qualitative feedback amongst a broad range of consumers. 

Commonly used within our innovation process, this exciting take on a traditional 'focus group' requires 2 moderators and a whole lot of energy!

In just one evening, we conduct a total of 6 x 45 minute group discussions, each consisting of between 6 - 8 respondents.

This is the fastest way to speak to 36 people about whatever you want to talk to them about. It is perfect for discussing product or advertising ideas where there is a lot of different stimulus to react to and you don't need a lot of carefully thought through and unpacked detail. 

Just $15,000 excl. GST

If you would like further details or case studies about our use of focus groups as a methodology, please leave a message below and we will be in contact shortly.

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