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“We live in a society bloated with data yet starved for wisdom."

Elizabeth Kapu'uwailani Lindsey

It has been said that we live in the age of data. With the birth of the internet and the compounding accessability of information that has been introduced to us as a species, it is amazing to think that all of this accessability to data is not culminating in an explosion of wisdom. 

Online surveys are simply a method of collecting data or information from a large number of people in a short period of time. Anyone with a computer and internet connection is able to create an online survey but that does not mean that wisdom will follow. As with many research methodologies, the success of the research is reliant upon the expertise of the researcher.

No two online quantitative surveys are the same.

Whilst there may be some common elements, online surveys are best made when they are made to suit your specific objectives. There are certainly common types of online surveys. Not to mention common structures and questions built from decades of learning and putting best practice research into place. We avoid using the cookie cutter but love using the recipe book that has been well loved and passed down through many hands. A selection of the types of quantitative online surveys we conduct regularly include:

Usage & Attitudes (U&A)

Concept testing

Brand & Ad tracking

Customer satisfaction

Whilst the names given are no doubt familiar, we utilise a wide range of techniques within these common types of quantitative online surveys to ensure detailed insight is generated, not just a load of numbers in tables and charts. Whether it be pricing sensitivity measures and a TURF analysis within our concept testing or the use of Distinctive Memory Structure Salience within our brand & ad tracking, we have a wealth of techniques that will get the answers you are looking for. 

We have access to a globally recognised software platform to script and host surveys in-house and also partner with larger panel providers when necessary.


We have 15 tablet computers that we use for intercept surveys in the field. Whether it be at a shopping centre or a festival, on a train or at a car dealership, we have trained fieldwork operators who are able to capture customers at the moment of truth. 

Express Insights

Express Insights is designed to provide speedy insights or to address a particular question you may have.


It is a short, sharp online survey consisting of no more than 8 questions asked of 100 respondents. The sample can be provided by you (eg. a customer database) or we can provide a panel sample.

From the time you give us the go ahead and approve the questions you want asked, to the time you have a report on your desk is just 5 days (often less!)

There are some ground rules about the question types and length. Think Omnibus but faster! 

Prices start from just $4,990 excl. GST for n = 100

Prefer a larger sample size and have a bit of extra time? We offer great rates on a national Omnibus survey.

Having trouble getting your data embedded within the business?

We love numbers and the value that they bring to generating and supporting a business case. What we don't love however is endless charts and tables of numbers that don't tell a story or deliver any insight. Sound familiar? 

We are so passionate about making sure that quantitative data lives within your business and doesn't just gather dust on a bookshelf somewhere that we employ the services of a graphic designer to create one of a kind infographics with key elements of the data.


We think that it looks so good that you will want to hang it up on your wall (or at least take it off the book shelf more often). 

If you would like further details about online surveys or the infographics bringing data to life, please leave a message below and we will be in contact shortly.

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