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“Women usually love what they buy yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets."

Mignon McLaughlin

Shopper research ultimately comes down to the study of human behaviour. The difference between the rational and irrational, conscious and sub-conscious. As editor of Vogue magazine in the 1940's, Mignon McLaughlin had a unique insight into buyer behaviour which still stands true to this very day.

Shopping is more than exchanging money for an item.

Shopper research comes in many different forms. We have experience across a range of shopper research techniques, from mystery shopping, accompanied shops, intercepts and virtual shops, regardless of the technique, one things is true. The objective is to ultimately understand what is driving the purchase decision.


The complicated part is that all too often, that decision is sub-conscious and can sometimes appear to be entirely irrational without any context. It is not enough to simply ask questions about what was bought as this is nothing more than an educated guess, a post-rationalised view that will aim to find meaning and justify behaviours that are often deep rooted. Our job is to understand and interpret behaviour. We do this using a range of methodologies and techniques to peel back the layers of decision making. 

Whether it be shopping for a car or a t-shirt, groceries or holidays, in a store or online, impulse or considered, the ultimate objective of shopper research is to understand how decisions are made and how your brand is considered within the process.

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