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Research Ruins Innovative Ideas

As Linus Pauling famously said, “The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.” A typical innovation process will include a rigorous creation stage for the development of ideas that address the unmet needs of the category or consumer. The problem is that when done properly, you have what seems like an unmanageable number of ideas. It is often impossible to work on all potential ideas at once. The result? An internal decision is typically made on which idea or ideas to focus on. In part because it seems too expensive to research which ideas to prioritise but there is also a commonly held belief that research ruins innovative ideas. Focussing on this early stage of the innovation process, we conducted independent research that compares traditional research metrics of overall liking, purchase intent and ranking question to using a gamified predictive market approach for idea screening.

Presented at the AIFST innovation conference 2017

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